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Sushi Zen

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Saturday continued with food delight when we met our friends Patrick and Jill at Sushi Zen for dinner. This is another must go place in Savannah and now with two locations its easier than ever! If you see a blank spot on this tray its because I ate the yellow tail nigiri first and then remembered to take the picture but trust me, it was very good. Honestly, I could probably have eaten this entire tray myself, but we shared. I had the aforementioned yellow tail nigiri, something called a nunban roll (good and spicy) and one of my favorites – the mexican roll…I know sounds wierd right? It is if you are used to that cold raw fish that makes sushi so delicious, but I can’t resist the spicy fried shrimp they use in this roll – its really great.

So – that’s two cheats for me, two posts without my actually cooking. I will cook tonight, I am thinking maybe chicken parmesan – I have to see what ingredients are around the house.


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Superbowl Sushi!!

I will be posting on and off all night tonight on my other blog about my sushi making adventures.  There will probably also be some talk of the game and the commercials.  Check in from time to time to see what’s going on!!!!

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Sushi Rice, Revisited

Well, rolling the sushi is the fun part.  Unfortunately, when I moved, I lost my partner in crime!!!  You could make the rice, then fedex it to me…….

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Sushi Rice

Sushi 002

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Proof that Mimi CAN roll sushi – if someone else (ahem) makes the rice!

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I have decided that I am tired of being afraid to make sushi at home.  Sushi is one of my most favorite foods, and unless I figure out how to make it myself (or move) I will not be able to have it on a regular basis.

This coming weekend being Superbowl Weekend, I am going to attempt sushi to have during the game.

My real fear about sushi isn’t really the rolling- it’s the rice.  The texture of the rice has to be perfect.  So I’ve been researching the rice and methods of cooking.  During the course of this research, I stumbled upon a great cooking resource called www.imcooked.com.  Using the search feature, I found numerous videos on how to prepare sushi. This one I found particularly entertaining and 80s-rific. 

I highly recommend visiting the site and spending some time bumming around in the archive!  I have tried numerous times to embed the video, but it just ain’t workin for me. So you will have to go to the site and do a search for sushi. I highly recommend the “Average Betty” postings.

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Sushi in Savannah

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I just got back from a visit home. The above pic was taken during my first decent sushi lunch in over a year. Pop over to my other blog for a brief overview of my adventures whilst home.
In food news….I put a batch of lentil soup in the crock pot a moment ago, so I’ll be blogging that tomorrow.
It’s good to be back and I am looking forward to resuming my culinary adventures here in the wild west!

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